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How To Handle Web Development Frustrations

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Through the years, hundreds of client-web designer relationship have turned sour for the reason that both parties cannot meet somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, the web development team hired to do a particular job just can’t grasp the idea being put forward by the client. Most of the times though, the clients come up with ridiculous requirements that the web development team cannot possibly deliver without making the site look like it’s been done by an amateur.

If you are in the process of having your business’ website built, your first step would be is to find a trusted web development company if you are going for a big website or a freelancer if you are looking for a smaller-scale website. There are plenty of ways you can do that but let’s not go there. Instead, let us take a look at some of the common problems faced by business owners and web designers which can lead to frustration and waste of time and money on both parts.

One of the biggest sources of frustration for website owners is that they want to know exactly just how much building their website would cost. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut template that web development companies can follow when it comes to rates. There are a lot of things that needs to be considered like the platform that will be used, whether a custom drawing would be needed, and the turnaround time required by the client.

To avoid any frustration arising from this, make sure that as a client, you make the web development company understand just how much you are willing to pay for the development of the website. A problem may rise from this as the majority of business owners wanting to have a website built have no idea just how much it would cost. To solve this, make sure that you ask around. Even if you do not know anyone personally that has had a website built, you can take your questions to online forums for webmasters or website owner.

Get a general idea just how much your planned website would cost. The more pages you need for your website, the higher the charge would be. Also, the more complicated the features you require, you can bet that the higher the charge would also be.

Web development is not only about design and building the website. It also encompasses security matters. If you have not been briefed yet, let me tell you that the Web is full of miscreants looking to wreak havoc. Plenty of hackers are not in it for the money. They sometimes view it as a game or an exercise. Thus, you have to make sure that you beef up your website’s security. Most importantly, have the web development team enable regular back up process. This way, even if your server gets hacked, you can easily have your site up and running again in no time since you have all the necessary files backed up.

Listen to what the web development team has to say. They might know more than you do about web development but do not believe everything they say. Always confirm with other webmasters whatever the web development team is suggesting. Some of these companies may be legit but they can be more focused on the financial side than actually helping a small or medium sized business get into the online business theater.

ASP Dot Net – The Most Used Language for Web Development

Monday, September 24th, 2018

In this heavy competition world, where each and every one is busy with their businesses, you must be finding it hard to find time for your online business and web development plans. It is therefore necessary to hire a professional, company or a skilled individual who can take care of various aspects of your web development tasks like web languages, content writing, designing etc. You should look for the company which uses most common and updated form of the languages to develop your websites from the group of most used languages.

ASP dot net is one of the most extensively used programming languages for website development. The term ASP refers to Microsoft latest version Active Server Pages technology. ASP dot net is most loving language among most of the web developers and development communities. These developers are today using this technology of web application language to develop attractive, effective and dynamic websites. This is also widely used for various XML web services and web applications. provides you with ASP Code, ASP Help, ASP Tutorials, ASP web development and web based programming solutions. It is a most effective and brilliant web application that helps the developers in building dynamic websites. One of the best advantages of using server is it shares a common user interface (UI) elements of the tax code, production and implementation of certain tasks for the web page form.

It is a fully featured programming language and can be used effectively to produce dynamic websites as required by the clients and website owners. There are several advantages and features that this web language provides with. Today most of the web developers prefer to use for website development. This is because of its easy usage, understanding and some of the other technical reasons.

ASP is a language that facilitates development of large applications. It is also a language that is much easier to write pages. It offers source code and HTML in combination. There is more in built security of the application source code on account of its configuration while using for development. is a server-side technology in which, before sending it to the browser, the code is used to execute on the server directly. The code which is sent back to the browser is HTML instead of code. is a language which has truly served the net development world ever since 2002.

It also allows you to dynamically edit, change or add any of your content of any web page. It is more flexible than any other language and provides you with easy accessing of any data or database which returns the results to a browser.

Today many of the web developers and organizations use and prefer this service of because of its enhancing and extended features. Also there are many of the businesses and companies that look for the web developers skilled in this particular application for their business growth. is surely a next generation of Microsoft’s ASP. It is a language, application and a sort of framework that is used to create business class websites, web applications and many other technologies.

Why Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

When it comes time to design and develop a new website, small businesses are faced with a choice: hire an agency or a freelance web developer? This can be a very difficult decision to make, especially if you and your business are new to the web development process. While agency web development makes sense for many businesses, small businesses with tight marketing budgets can often get more for their money – not to mention a great product – by going with a freelance subcontractor. Provided the business takes the time to vet their pool of applicants thoroughly before hiring a subcontractor, there are plenty of benefits of working with freelance developers.

Freelance web developers are more cost effective.

Let’s face it: web development agencies can be costly! While many agencies do turn out a great product, they also face many overhead fees, such as employee salaries, benefits, 401K plans, office space, travel compensation, et cetera. Freelance web designers and programmers often work from home or a very small office and typically have very few overhead expenses, allowing them to charge rates much lower than those offered by agencies.

Many freelance designers and programmers have a diverse skill set.

To be sure, there are all different types of freelancers, and subcontractors’ experience levels can range from having decades of experience to being eager to do their first website. Experienced freelancers, however, are likely to have a diverse background which may include agency experience and knowledge of many different kinds of platforms. Subcontractors tend to diversify their skill sets in order to widen their client base, and a freelancer who has been developing websites for years is likely to have expertise in different code languages and platforms, such as PHP, CSS, WordPress and ecommerce-style websites. This provides their employers with flexible options for development and website capabilities.

Subcontractors often have access to a wide network of other freelancers.

If a freelance web developer has established him or herself as a successful subcontractor, it’s more than likely that they have developed relationships with other subcontractors whose specialties compliment their own. These partnerships allow freelancers to expand their capabilities to specialties outside their own by bringing other freelance team members on, if necessary. For example, a developer may specialize in programming but be able to offer graphic design through one of his or her partners. In this way, a small business may be able to get a full menu of graphic design, site design, search engine optimization and web development without having to go through an agency.

Tips for finding a great freelance web developer.

For every talented, experienced freelance developer “out there”, there are an equal number of inexperienced and unprofessional subcontractors. Telling the difference between these two types of subcontractors isn’t impossible, however, if you know what to look for. First, gather a wide pool of applicants from which to choose, and examine their resumes carefully. Be sure to ask to look at each subcontractor’s portfolio of completed projects; this is often the best way to tell what their capabilities and scope of experience truly are. Next, ask for references – and make contact with each one. Ask not only about the references’ completed projects, but how they felt about the subcontractor’s professionalism, billing and timely project completion.